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Westlake's School Store also known as The Storm Center Is Where You Can Go To Get School Merch

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About us

We of the storm center sell to the students of westlake highschool during second lunch.
We sell the following:
Jackets          |    Pencils
Lanyards       |    Hammocks
Shirts             |    Glasses
Backpacks    |    Sweaters/Hoodies
Headphones |    Frisbees

Contact Us

We can be contacted in the following ways:
Phone Call (111-1111-111)
Text (111-1111-111)
Coming to the store itself
Talking to one of our reps
Front Office
Demons summoned via occult symbols
typing shutdown \s into your command prompt
Alt + F4
Ctrl + W
Feeding the souls of the Danged to your dog
Deleting System32

99 Thunder Blvd. Saratoga Springs, Utah;
Between the B and C halls within the school.


We are open during 2nd lunch.
12:06 pm - 12:46 pm, Tuesday-Friday
11:22 - 12:02 Monday